Picture by KemlaBs Studio                             Right in the middle: CxxlTiger                   

The Axle Blaze Are a 3-piece South Africans Hip hop band from Sasolburg, Freestate leaded by CxxlTiger. The band formed in 2020 from a collection of Raping, Action movies, Gaming who met at school and who all just couldn't get enough Nasty c, Central Cee, Michael Jackson. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses Hard-hitting grooves and tight 4-part vocal harmonies with choreography and Surprising set changes that will make you want to Float away on a dream cloud.Now hailed as ' dbs rising-stars best performers ' by Drill bang sounds, The Axle Blaze have performed over 16 shows and have performed at the iconic dbs-show. Currently, the band is working on a new single called "GangDrip" that they plan to release in june, 2022. For updates, you can follow the band on social media @TheAxleBlaze on Facebook. 


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